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言語切り替えボタン 言語切り替えボタン


お客様が、弊社が運営するニオイコード提供サービス「aroma code」(以下「本サービス」といいます)のご利用をされるためには、下記の「プライバシーポリシー」を熟読のうえ、内容に同意していただく必要があります。













弊社は、ユーザーが 本サービス訪問時に自動で生成される、IP アドレス、ブラウザ種類、ブラウザ言語などを収集します。














Aroma Bit, Inc. (the “Company”) handles, maintains and manages the Customer’s personal information pursuant to the provisions of the Privacy Policy as follows.

To use the service providing Aroma Codes (the “Service”), the Customer is required to read the Privacy Policy carefully and consent to its substance; otherwise, the Customer may not use the Service.

Personal information

Personal information is information to identify an individual Customer, including the following; name, date of birth, sex, profession, other information to identify a specific person, business address, telephone number, account information (including email address and password), and other attribute information.

Service usage information

Service usage information means the following information with regard to the use of the Service; substance and status of use, including content of the Service used by the Customer, date and time of use, frequency of use, and the Customer’s behavior during the use of the Service.

Also, service usage information includes information on status and history of payment by the Customer with regard to the Service.

Collection of acquired information

The Company may collect personal information and service usage information on the Customer using the Service (collectively referred to as “acquired information”) by the following methods.

The acquired information shall include URL and browser used by the Customer, type of cellular phone, IP address and location information.

Management of acquired information

The Company’s personnel engaged in work relating to management and use of acquired information is required to manage such information carefully by paying attention to the handling and maintenance of acquired information in such manner to prevent illegal access to personal information, loss, leakage and tampering.

Purpose of use of acquired information

The acquired information is used for the purpose of use notified to the Customer before collection, for the purpose of use set forth in the ToU, and for any of the following purposes.

Use of “Cookie” information

Cookie information alone cannot identify a specific person. When Cookie information is used in combination with personal information, it is considered to be personal information.

The Customer may do setting as to whether the use of Cookie information is approved or not. While many Web browsers automatically approve the use of Cookies, it is possible to change a browser’s setting to prohibit it. If the use of Cookies is prohibited, the Customer may not be able to use the Service smoothly nor to reflect advertising settings that require Cookies.

The Company automatically obtains the Customer’s Cookie information and information on advertisements and pages viewed by the Customer, together with the usage environment, from the Customer’s browser, which are recorded on a server. The Company uses such information to improve user-friendliness such as automatic input of email address in the Service log-in process, to maintain security such as session maintenance and protection, and to make the Service and advertisements more appropriate for the Customer, while developing new services.

Use of “log”

The Company collects information created automatically upon the Customer’s visit to the Service, such as IP address, browser type, and browser language.

This information is used to analyze the user environment for the purpose of providing better service and preventing an act to disturb normal provision of the Service. The searching record is stored and managed in a form that prevents identification of an individual and is used for preparation of statistical data.

Use of “device information”

The Company may collect a variety of device information such as information to identify a specific terminal. The information so collected is used to improve service quality and prevent an act intended to disturb with normal provision of the Service.

Management of personal information and security

The Company makes best efforts to prevent illegal access, loss, destruction, tampering, or information leakage by storing and managing all the acquired information safely and securely in a server that is operated in an environment inaccessible to general users.

Disclaimer and warning

The Company will not assume any responsibility for protection of the acquired information on the Customer in connection with Web services provided by other operators and individuals and linked to the Service.

The Customer is required to check such Web services carefully before actual viewing and use.

The Company will not be liable for damage and loss incurred by the Customer and third party due to hacking and other illegal act.

The Customer is required to store and manage information used for identity verification safely and securely to prevent loss or illegal access by third party.

Improvement of the Privacy Policy and need to confirm the latest Privacy Policy

The Company makes continuous efforts to improve the Privacy Policy. The Customer is required to read and understand the latest Privacy Policy prior to the use of the Service. The Customer is deemed to have consented to the ToU upon the start of use of the Service.

Procedures for disclosure, correction, suspension of use on personal information

The Customer may demand disclosure, correction, suspension of use on personal information according to the Personal Information Protection Law.

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